Exposure to mass media affects children



In recent years, our society has demonstrated an addictive fixation on televised advertising. Marketers, along with the rise of mass media have allowed the product marketing industry to emerge as a focal and essential influence in this culture. Television advertising seems to be the main form of advertising that has the greatest influence on children and young people. Although other divisions of advertising such as radio and magazines influence the youth, the visual of toys portrayed to children are remembered easiest through the television screen. The reasoning and focal purpose of advertising society to purchase goods and products is evident, however through technological advancements, the influence of television advertising is more than a phenomenon that aims to persuade.




It is the way advertising influences society and our basic cultural frames that have recently dominated the ideology of consumption. The Advertising/Marketing industry has created this demand for children to feel as though they do not want a specific product, but need such product. There are several factors that portrays just how influenced our youth is through methods of television advertising and marketing. It is evident that the television plays the role



The television screen has become overly available in households throughout the United States so it is clearly more likely for children to attend  and learn from commercials. The visual techniques in commercials are purely focused at gaining and holding children’s attention, creating a misrepresentation of the appearance of children’s products and their performance.


A crucial issue regarding childern’s misrepresentations through mass media marketing involves violence and unsafe acts that arise through commercials. One specific issue is whether cartoon or “make believe” violence are harmless compared with realistic violence. Statistics have proven that children as young as four years old seem to be able to distinguish realistic from cartoon violence. The general purpose of commercials relates to violent programming as the interruptions intensify viewer arousal through frustration.


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