How Can We Fix This Problem?

It has been established that exposure to violent media does in fact lead to aggression in children and impacts our entire society. Why do we allow it to continue? The authors of The Effects of Media violence on Society believe one reason is that even with all the research and facts the media does not explain this to society. There are many cases of these facts being under-reported and society being misinformed on the subject. News reports on the subject often shift to weak statements and make it seem like there isn’t really a problem.

            The first thing we need to do to solve this issue is to change the way it is reported on. It is important to raise awareness of the issue and get people involved in solving it. Media and news outlets need to report honestly and start getting people aware of the situation. Hopefully once people are aware of the situation they will be active in solving the issue. If more parents knew the links between violence in the media and aggression in their children maybe they would limit the amount of violent media their children are exposed to. If enough parents do limit their children’s exposure to violent media the media may get the hint and create more non-violent content. This is a solvable issue and worthwhile to our entire society to work on it. Media violence has a negative impact on not only children but society as a whole. It is important that we take steps to limit the amount of violent media children are exposed to.


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