Media Violence

There are many different forms of media violence which can be found in many types of media. Media violence is shown in print, movies, television, music, video games and other forms of media. Because it is so prevalent in media it is hard to avoid. This is a serious issue because numerous studies have shown that media violence can have a negative affect on children who view it. This video demonstrates how prevalent violence and violent images are in media today. This video shows images from television, movies, video games, and real life situations of violence.  It is important for people to be aware of media violence and how it impacts the children who watch it. Take the time to watch this video; one may be amazed at just how frequently violent images are shown in the media.

This has become an important issue for many people. Information on this issue can be easily found on blogs and other sources online. This video is one example of that. The author of this video is clearly disturbed by the frequency of violent images in the media and is taking action to raise awareness of the situation.  They published this video on YouTube and explained how they hoped the video will send a message to the parents who watch it and show parents just how frequently violent images are shown in the media. Raising awareness of the issue is the only way to create change.


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