More Time With Media Than In School!

Violent images and ideas are prevalent in all types of media, it is not difficult to find some type of violent image when one is looking at media, and since most everyone spends a large portion of time interacting with different types of media it is not surprising that a person will see multiple violent images and stories in a day. This can be especially problematic for children because they are influenced by everything they see. Violence in the media can lead to aggression in children and also make a child believe that the world is a scary place and something bad may happen to them (How TV Affects your Child).



                 A study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and the Children’s Digital Media Network released a study that showed how much time an average young child, between the ages of zero to six years old, spends with media in a given day. The authors of the study explain that children of this age range spend a great amount of time with media. The study found that sixty-five percent of the children examined live in households where the television is on at least half the day, and thirty-six percent of those studied live in households where the television is on the entire day. It was also found that more than a third of four to six year olds use a computer several times a day and thirty-seven percent of children in this age range can use a computer without help. Video game usage was also looked at in this study and the results were that a quarter of children in this age range play video games several times a week (As much time with media as outside). Although this study only sampled young children it paints a good picture of common media usage for a young child, and one can assume that these behaviors continue as a child gets older. There are many other available studies that show this as well.

                Another study showed that children spend more time with media and in front of screens then they spend in schools. This study took place in the U.K. and surveyed British children. The results were that these children spent on average five hours and eighteen minutes a day in front of the television, computer screen, or playing video games. This amounts to a total of two thousand hours a year, compared to nine hundred in class and about thirteen hundred with their parents (Bennett). Not only are there probably more stimulating and educational things for children to be doing, rather than two thousand hours a year of media but all this time spent looking at media also gives a child countless hours of exposure to violent images. The collage below is just an small example of how much violence is in the media. Here are pictures from television, video games, movies and magazines that all include violent images. Although some of these images are very intense and show violence and brutality, they are all over our media and extremely easy to find, especially for a child who spends numerous hours a day exposed to media.



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